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Asbestos Removal


Maspeth Environmental is fully licensed, bonded and insured to perform all varieties of asbestos abatement services in the State of New York. We have extensive experience removing and disposing of roofing material, pipe insulation, plaster, caulking, VAT and more. We are equipped to conduct abatement activities of any size and complexity which is why many of New York’s most well respected real estate, engineering and general contracting firms turn to Maspeth for their abatement needs.

Lead Remediation

Prior to the 1970’s, commercial grade and household paint was commonly manufactured to contain dangerous amounts of lead. As this paint ages it becomes increasingly brittle and friable, posing a significant health hazard; particularly to pregnant women and children. Our abatement technicians and supervisors are expert at the removal or encapsulation of lead based paint products. We conduct wet scraping, HEPA assisted power sanding and heat stripping safely and efficiently with the utmost emphasis on full containment of all resulting debris.

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